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Why only Hasegawa and Oliver measure up, Jon Grant for City Council Seat 8, and for Seat 9 “anyone but Gonzalez”

To view our story why only these candidates measure up on issues affecting our neighborhoods, racial and economic justice, housing, land use, homelessness, police accountability and ensuring equity in our city.  go here   

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Public Bank for Seattle; pipe dream or can it work here?

Neil Powers looks into some of the pros and cons of creating one here in Seattle (Special note:  Outside City Hall was going to post this story later accompanying it with another post examining the legal and constitutional issues some … Continue reading

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Only Nikkita Oliver and Bob Hasegawa measure up in race for Mayor

Jon Grant for Council Seat 8 and “anybody but Gonzalez” for Seat 9 Ballots are mailed out Wednesday for the August 1st primary and it’s a critical election for Seattle’s future.  Even though elections are probably far from your mind … Continue reading

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Neil Powers interviews Nikkita Oliver

An idealist and pragmatist who would seek impact fees, and re-assessment of HALA through race and equity lens Nikkita Oliver began as the only serious challenger to Mayor Ed Murray.  “I got into this election when Murray was still undefeatable, … Continue reading

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Outside City Hall for 2nd year joins over 30 other TV, Radio, and Print news sites covering the region’s homeless crisis

Here are five stories from authors with years of direct experience working with the homeless and addressing homeless issues that often go overlooked  Today, as we did last year, Outside City Hall is participating in a area-wide news media blitz … Continue reading

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Where do you go when the land under your home is sold and your home is worthless?

Ishbel Dickens writes about the plight of state’s mobile home park residents: Imagine dreaming the American dream and living it – you are a low-income household or a senior living alone after the death of your spouse – you dream … Continue reading

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Cat Mary

Rebekah Demirel offers a personal look at homelessness and how we all are irrevocably bound to the plight of those affected by this crisis     There is a basic humanity in everyone and set of feelings cutting across all … Continue reading

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