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Race, equity, and single-family zoning

Councilmember Mosqueda’s interest in upzoning undermines her justice goals and her interest in promoting land trusts, co-ops and other tenant ownership strategies -by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox reprinted from our column in Pacific Publishing Newspapers Back in 2004, … Continue reading

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Coalition of 29 neighborhood, housing, and environmental groups challenging the city’s “HALA-MHA upzone plan” to host an educational forum Saturday January 12th 10AM and you’re invited

Here’s what the Coalition writes about their event: Hold the date! Saturday January 12th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at the Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Ave S. Dear Concerned Neighbor, The Seattle City Council has an aggressive schedule to adopt the Mandatory … Continue reading

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“It is the heart that leads me to places that challenge my comfort” by Serina Holmstrom

Serina offers her thoughts on helping serve meals to the homeless at the “PopUp Kitchen” I walked up to him, asking if he’d had enough to eat. I couldn’t understand his reply. He was standing by himself, far away from … Continue reading

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CM Johnson inserts an upzone for the ‘Ave’ into the city-wide HALA-MHA plan ignoring council’s pledge to first adopt measures that protect small businesses

Historic older buildings with low income housing already are being advertised to developers as tear-downs in anticipation of the zoning change Councilmember Rob Johnson and city planners quietly buried the ‘Ave’ upzone into their 350-page HALA-MHA plan even though it … Continue reading

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What is an urbanist?

Don’t be fooled by those who drape themselves in pseudo-urbanism and (mis)use the term to mask their pro-developer sentiments by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox, reprinted from the August 2018 issue of Pacific Publishing newspapers In Seattle, as in … Continue reading

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SDC’s testimony refutes final MHA-EIS displacement analysis

We’ve posted for your reading pleasure here the testimony of David Bloom speaking on behalf of the Seattle Displacement Coalition before the City Hearing Examiner in June of this year refuting point by point the city’s attempt to dismiss the … Continue reading

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Large U-District crowd hears panel of small business and elected leaders call for measures to preserve historic character of neighborhood businesses districts threatened by upzones and runaway growth

While the Mayor’s budget removed funding for a “legacy business” program that helps small businesses weather growth, CM Herbold was able to restore it You can view the entire panel discussion by clicking on the pic.  The forum was entitled: “Who … Continue reading

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