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CM Herbold releases her anti-displacement plan: require developers to replace low cost housing they remove while Mayor’s just announced strategy takes small step

Seattle Displacement Coalition responds today to CM Herbold’s and Mayor Durkan’s anti-displacement strategies  The Seattle Displacement Coalition is a 42-year-old housing and homeless advocacy group and for the better part of those years we’ve been pushing especially our locally elected … Continue reading

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Your only chance to tell councilmembers to require developers to replace, 1 for 1, low income housing they destroy: public hearing on MHA upzones, Thurs. Feb 21st, 5:30pm in Council Chambers

The city-wide MHA upzone plan right now is a blueprint for massive displacement and gentrification of our city and a growing divide between rich and poor and people of color in our city!  Call or write your councilmembers and come … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s $500 million “contribution” for housing looks more like political arm-twisting

Only 5 percent would go to homeless programs; the rest for interest-earning market rate or near market rate loans to developers As more information comes in on the details of Microsoft’s $500 million “donation”, a better name for it might … Continue reading

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What is an urbanist?

Don’t be fooled by those who drape themselves in pseudo-urbanism and (mis)use the term to mask their pro-developer sentiments by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox, reprinted from the August 2018 issue of Pacific Publishing newspapers In Seattle, as in … Continue reading

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SDC’s testimony refutes final MHA-EIS displacement analysis

We’ve posted for your reading pleasure here the testimony of David Bloom speaking on behalf of the Seattle Displacement Coalition before the City Hearing Examiner in June of this year refuting point by point the city’s attempt to dismiss the … Continue reading

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Large U-District crowd hears panel of small business and elected leaders call for measures to preserve historic character of neighborhood businesses districts threatened by upzones and runaway growth

While the Mayor’s budget removed funding for a “legacy business” program that helps small businesses weather growth, CM Herbold was able to restore it You can view the entire panel discussion by clicking on the pic.  The forum was entitled: “Who … Continue reading

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Record rates of new residential construction since 2012 continue to keep pace with rates of population and employment growth in Seattle

Yes there’s a problem but it’s not a supply problem? By John V. Fox and Carolee Colter, reprinted from Pacific Publishing newspapers We hear a common refrain from developers that we’re not adding enough new housing to keep pace with … Continue reading

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