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Community councils have long history fighting racism and backing efforts to preserve Seattle’s low income housing stock

Attempts to link the neighborhood movement and single family character of the city to exclusionary practices are off base – the shoe is on the other foot reprinted from an abbreviated version in Pacific Publishing Newspapers by Carolee Colter and John … Continue reading

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Hearing on EIS appeal of HALA upzones set for April but CM Johnson moves ahead anyway with Council review; has he crossed a legal red line?

Update of appeal by 27 neighborhood and housing groups; they’re seeking donations to help cover the cost of their appeal while CM Johnson pretends there is no appeal (and no widespread opposition to the city’s massive upzoning plan) The City’s … Continue reading

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Twenty-six neighborhood, housing, and small business groups file appeal challenging HALA upzones and mandatory housing requirement

Coalition of groups from across Seattle demonstrate broadbased opposition to the City’s HALA Grand Bargain “developer giveaway” On Monday, Nov. 27th, 26 neighborhood, housing and homeless advocacy, small business and environmental groups from every corner of Seattle held a press … Continue reading

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Where would you prefer to live

The old Yesler Terrace pictured here: Or the new Yesler pictured here: 

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The City’s HALA upzone plan will add capacity for an additional 81,582 units!

Increased zoned capacity due to HALA-MHA plan including those areas already upzoned will give the city 4 times what it needs to accommodate it’s regionally set ‘GMA’ 2035 residential target Seattle’s zoned land use capacity rose to a high of … Continue reading

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Will Black-Owned Businesses Survive the MidTown Center Redevelopment?

As the Africatown Plaza Project moves forward, business owners are left to wonder if their vision aligns with the developers’ By Melissa Hellmann, contributing writer *Disclosure: The author worked on a project for Ampersand Magazine, which is produced by Forterra, … Continue reading

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The gaping hole in Sawant’s progressive agenda

Our critique of Sawant’s tenure on the Seattle City Council – by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox (reprinted from August publications of Pacific Publishing News) Kshama Sawant and her Socialist Alternative (SA) movement have a laudable plan to expand … Continue reading

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