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District 4 City Council Candidate Forum, Tuesday June 11th 6:00pm University Heights School, 5031 University Way NE

You’re invited to hear the candidates take a stand on issues of growth and development of the U-District and surrounding community and what they propose to do to address small business needs, the loss of existing affordable housing stock, and … Continue reading

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June 11th, Tues 530pm, City Council public hearing on CM O’Brien’s ADU/DADU legislation

And scheduled on 18 June 2019, the Council is expected to hold a full council meeting to discuss amendments and possibly vote on O’Brien’s proposed legislation.   We were asked to alert folks to this important upcoming hearing on Councilmember O’Brien’s … Continue reading

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Displacement Coalition files amicus brief in defense of city’s “First in Time” tenant protection law; oral arguments heard June 11th before State Supreme Court

For immediate release              * For immediate release *                 For immediate release Displacement Coalition (SDC) joins with City Attorney’s Office; says “City’s law barring landlords from skipping over qualified minority tenants is not a … Continue reading

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Remembering Alan Justad former Deputy Director of Seattle’s permitting department; one of the victims of last weekend’s crane accident

The following is an expanded version of a “Letter to the Editors” posted May 8th in the Seattle Times by John V. Fox Earlier this week the Seattle Times reported that Alan Justad was one of the victims of the … Continue reading

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Council discussion of CM Herbold’s anti-displacement bill originally scheduled for next week has been postponed

Community leaders say “without passage of Herbold’s bill, our city can’t begin to manage, let alone overcome, homelessness;  our shortage of low cost housing can only grow” Originally scheduled for next week’s City Council Land Use Committee Meeting, April 17th, … Continue reading

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Upzone for “the Ave” has been removed from the City Council’s city-wide MHA plan; city attorney’s opinion confirms Coalition’s claim that environmental analysis first is required

Councilmember Johnson says he’ll reintroduce upzones later and continues to ignore a pledge he and other CM’s made over two years ago to first put in place measures that prevent displacement of existing small businesses and historic buildings The full … Continue reading

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“Save the Ave” Rally at the “friendly” Big Time Brewery in support of their effort to stave off a decidedly “unfriendly” upzone

“You’re invited” Monday, February 25th – 5-9pm Small businesses along the “Ave” in Seattle’s notably funky and historic UDistrict are hosting a rally this coming Monday February 25th, 5-9pm at the Bigtime Brewery and the public, customers, and all “those … Continue reading

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