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Council discussion of CM Herbold’s anti-displacement bill originally scheduled for next week has been postponed

Community leaders say “without passage of Herbold’s bill, our city can’t begin to manage, let alone overcome, homelessness;¬† our shortage of low cost housing can only grow” Originally scheduled for next week’s City Council Land Use Committee Meeting, April 17th, … Continue reading

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Upzone for “the Ave” has been removed from the City Council’s city-wide MHA plan; city attorney’s opinion confirms Coalition’s claim that environmental analysis first is required

Councilmember Johnson says he’ll reintroduce upzones later and continues to ignore a pledge he and other CM’s made over two years ago to first put in place measures that prevent displacement of existing small businesses and historic buildings The full … Continue reading

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“Save the Ave” Rally at the “friendly” Big Time Brewery in support of their effort to stave off a decidedly “unfriendly” upzone

“You’re invited” Monday, February 25th – 5-9pm Small businesses along the “Ave” in Seattle’s notably funky and historic UDistrict are hosting a rally this coming Monday February 25th, 5-9pm at the Bigtime Brewery and the public, customers, and all “those … Continue reading

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CM Herbold releases her anti-displacement plan: require developers to replace low cost housing they remove while Mayor’s just announced strategy takes small step

Seattle Displacement Coalition responds today to CM Herbold’s and Mayor Durkan’s anti-displacement strategies¬† The Seattle Displacement Coalition is a 42-year-old housing and homeless advocacy group and for the better part of those years we’ve been pushing especially our locally elected … Continue reading

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Your only chance to tell councilmembers to require developers to replace, 1 for 1, low income housing they destroy: public hearing on MHA upzones, Thurs. Feb 21st, 5:30pm in Council Chambers

The city-wide MHA upzone plan right now is a blueprint for massive displacement and gentrification of our city and a growing divide between rich and poor and people of color in our city!¬† Call or write your councilmembers and come … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s $500 million “contribution” for housing looks more like political arm-twisting

Only 5 percent would go to homeless programs; the rest for interest-earning market rate or near market rate loans to developers As more information comes in on the details of Microsoft’s $500 million “donation”, a better name for it might … Continue reading

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What is an urbanist?

Don’t be fooled by those who drape themselves in pseudo-urbanism and (mis)use the term to mask their pro-developer sentiments by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox, reprinted from the August 2018 issue of Pacific Publishing newspapers In Seattle, as in … Continue reading

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