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The Aesthetic Problem: “much more often people become homeless due to systemic failures not individual choices”

Geov Parrish, in this story, traces the rise of homelessness back to conscious choices of local leaders  * Expect to see more stories from Geov for Outside City in the coming weeks.  The veteran columnist and reporter has covered City … Continue reading

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When is a home not a home?

Ishbel Dickens writes about an extraordinary effort by residents of the Firs Mobile Home Park in Sea-Tac to save their community backed by a broad coalition of church and community advocates More than 75,000 households own homes in Washington where … Continue reading

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Vehicle Camping: “Numbers don’t lie and leaders lie still”

The Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett gives us an update on the status of vehicle campers.  Guess what, there’s still no government response despite most recent homeless count showing that for the first time “those living in vehicles exceeds those in other … Continue reading

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Highrises for the wealthy while in their shadow; more homelessness and human suffering

Joe Martin, homeless advocate and social worker for 40 years with the Pike Market Clinic, writes about the growing divide between rich and poor in this county, the causes of homelessness, and his hope for change In the Seattle Times … Continue reading

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Homelessness: city leaders blindly push more growth while denying their actions cause massive displacement

John Fox, Director of the Seattle Displacement Coalition, writes “we can add more subsidized housing until we’re blue in the face but we’re losing 3-4 units of existing unsubsidized housing for every subsidized one we build.”   We’ve said it many … Continue reading

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In an unprecedented act of cowardice, city councilmembers repeal the new city head tax

This repeal translates directly into more homelessness in our city and a denial of necessary housing and services for hundreds on the verge of becoming homeless The news hit suddenly with an announcement by Seattle City Council president, Bruce Harrell, … Continue reading

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Update: Hearing on appeal of HALA upzones by 29 neighborhood and housing groups will begin June 25th

Grassroots coalition filing the appeal asks public for contributions and volunteers while the City Council’s Land Use Chair Rob Johnson continues to hold hearings and review the HALA upzone plan as if there is no appeal “The City has not … Continue reading

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