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City cuts funding for urban rest stops, shelter, and transitional housing: advocates say the move means more homelessness

Millions in funding for homeless programs are being moved from shelter and tested services to ‘rapid rehousing’.  Advocates say only calls to electeds can stop a ‘colossal mistake’ Immediately following the budget process, outgoing ‘placeholder’ Mayor Tim Burgess held a … Continue reading

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Twenty-six neighborhood, housing, and small business groups file appeal challenging HALA upzones and mandatory housing requirement

Coalition of groups from across Seattle demonstrate broadbased opposition to the City’s HALA Grand Bargain “developer giveaway” On Monday, Nov. 27th, 26 neighborhood, housing and homeless advocacy, small business and environmental groups from every corner of Seattle held a press … Continue reading

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Displacement Coalition files code complaint against University Unitarian Church’s plan to demolish homes for parking lot

Church ignores law restricting demolition of housing for parking lot and city inspectors ask for ‘correction’; Coalition also says Church may have violated just cause and tenant relocation laws Last week, The Seattle Times published a front-page story about University … Continue reading

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New state law requires cities (including Seattle) to recalculate their growth capacity and could lead to more upzoning

– written by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox (reprinted from this month’s editions of Pacific Publishing Newspapers) State agency hires firm linked to Master Builders Association (MBA) to develop new formula cities will use to calculate future zoned capacity … Continue reading

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Where would you prefer to live

The old Yesler Terrace pictured here: Or the new Yesler pictured here: 

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The City’s HALA upzone plan will add capacity for an additional 81,582 units!

Increased zoned capacity due to HALA-MHA plan including those areas already upzoned will give the city 4 times what it needs to accommodate it’s regionally set ‘GMA’ 2035 residential target Seattle’s zoned land use capacity rose to a high of … Continue reading

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Our top-rated list of overused campaign slogans in this general election

Words like “vibrant” “proven leader” “inclusive leader” with “bold solutions” and a “progressive vision” top the list of warm and fuzzy generalities Each election cycle, the successful campaigns for Mayor and City Council spend tens of thousands on campaign mailers. … Continue reading

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