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Outside City Hall won’t be endorsing anyone for Mayor and here’s why

  There’s no “there” there when it comes to Moon Some of our friends in the neighborhood movement and those involved in housing and homeless advocacy have chosen to cast their lot with “Team Moon”.  Moon’s opposition to the current … Continue reading

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Only Councilmember O’Brien, among city officials, offers real and ‘compassionate’ solutions for homeless vehicle campers

A crisis on wheels with over 1500 people in 1000 vehicles homeless every night in Seattle.  They face ticketing and impounds and nearly always hostility. The 2017 One-Night Count found 5485 homeless individuals sleeping outside in Seattle and King County. … Continue reading

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The gaping hole in Sawant’s progressive agenda

Our critique of Sawant’s tenure on the Seattle City Council – by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox (reprinted from August publications of Pacific Publishing News) Kshama Sawant and her Socialist Alternative (SA) movement have a laudable plan to expand … Continue reading

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Police shooting: Sawant was right

Sawant spoke up for her constituency and the family of Che Taylor… and did her job A month ago in “City Living” and other Pacific Publishing Newspapers we posted a critique of Kshama Sawant’s tenure on the City Council.  We … Continue reading

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You can help save a forest

Seattle Green Space Coalition asks you to email Seattle Public Utilities: urge them to sell this valued forest land to Lake Forest Park so it can be saved (We don’t think Seattle Green Space Coalition will mind if we reprint … Continue reading

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Dear city councilmembers: the ‘vacant buildings’ law you’re considering threatens more abandonment and loss of low income housing

Write your councilmembers: urge a NO vote on the proposed vacant building legislation or to back amendments offered by Councilmember Herbold that discourage abandonment without encouraging demolition of more occupied low cost rentals Dear Councilmembers, The Seattle Displacement Coalition played … Continue reading

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How many clichés, and warm and fuzzy slogans can you fit on a campaign mailer or into a stump speech? We have the answer!

Attention candidates: feel-good slogans for your speeches, mailers and brochures, guaranteed to elevate your profile and capture votes “I am a proven civic leader with a clear progressive vision, courage and independence to tackle the big problems so everyone can … Continue reading

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