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Displacement Coalition files amicus brief in defense of city’s “First in Time” tenant protection law; oral arguments heard June 11th before State Supreme Court

For immediate release              * For immediate release *                 For immediate release Displacement Coalition (SDC) joins with City Attorney’s Office; says “City’s law barring landlords from skipping over qualified minority tenants is not a … Continue reading

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Remembering Alan Justad former Deputy Director of Seattle’s permitting department; one of the victims of last weekend’s crane accident

The following is an expanded version of a “Letter to the Editors” posted May 8th in the Seattle Times by John V. Fox Earlier this week the Seattle Times reported that Alan Justad was one of the victims of the … Continue reading

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Mayor Durkan’s ‘first ever’ middle income task force is deja vu all over again

It’s a foregone conclusion what to expect from this developer dominated advisory group and a long ways from ‘first ever’ This is a Quote from Mayor Durkan’s recent press announcement: “Today, Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced the establishment of the … Continue reading

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New state law allows gifting of public land to developers for “affordable housing” but is it just another developer giveaway?

Definition of “affordable housing” allows public entities to gift or sell their public land to developers in return for units priced above the going rate – over $1800 a month By Carolee Colter and John V. Fox reprinted from our … Continue reading

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Durkan joins past Seattle mayors willing to spend millions in overruns on near empty streetcars

At $286 million and $150 million above original cost estimates, the Center City Streetcar project receives Durkan’s blessing;  will our City Council buy this piece of underwater beachfront? Last week, Mayor Durkan announced her support of what now is the … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s $500 million “contribution” for housing looks more like political arm-twisting

Only 5 percent would go to homeless programs; the rest for interest-earning market rate or near market rate loans to developers As more information comes in on the details of Microsoft’s $500 million “donation”, a better name for it might … Continue reading

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Local environmentalists call Councilmember Rob Johnson’s tree preservation ordinance a ‘tree removal’ law

Public hearing on Johnson’s tree legislation is Wednesday September 5th 9:30AM in the Council Chambers; concerns raised that notice of hearing was not posted until day before Labor Day More of this if Rob Johnson’s new tree ‘preservation’ law is … Continue reading

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