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Amazon spheres: new Seattle icon or glorified food court

Seattle shows off it’s “world class” inferiority complex: gaudy bubbles highlight drab sameness of downtown buildings going up around them The newspapers, TV, and radio were all agog, as were several county and city elected leaders, downtown chamber types, and … Continue reading

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Our top-rated list of overused campaign slogans in this general election

Words like “vibrant” “proven leader” “inclusive leader” with “bold solutions” and a “progressive vision” top the list of warm and fuzzy generalities Each election cycle, the successful campaigns for Mayor and City Council spend tens of thousands on campaign mailers. … Continue reading

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My humble offer: I’ll be the new mayor

by George Howland Jr Bruce Harrell has announced he will not stay on as Seattle mayor. I humbly offer myself to assume the office (forget about the city charter!) And I would like to announce most of my cabinet and … Continue reading

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