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“It’s not socialists who run city hall”: crowd hears four veteran journalists look back on Seattle’s long history of corporate welfare

Journalists discuss stories they’ve covered dating back to the 90’s involving corporate dominance at City Hall: repeal of the office head tax is “more of the same” Two weeks ago a panel of four journalists told a crowd of about … Continue reading

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A fallen giant

Ed Murray’s personal reputation is unlikely to survive allegations of sex abuse, but his political achievements will remain historic After accusations of sexual abuse by five men, Mayor Ed Murray, is finally resigning. His resignation does not leave me angry … Continue reading

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Trump supporter was first host for Lenin statue

In 1995, Suzie Burke, the “Land Baroness of Fremont,” found a place in Seattle for the figure of communist leader “Get a sense of humor,” says Suzie Burke, a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, who was the first host … Continue reading

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Why is Rob Johnson spinning the facts so hard?

Rob Johnson refuses to answer questions about overselling a key housing policy (Wikipedia) When it comes to HALA’s “Grand Bargain,” Councilmember Johnson has had major legislative success, but he has misled the press and the public about the extent of … Continue reading

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How many clichés, and warm and fuzzy slogans can you fit on a campaign mailer or into a stump speech? We have the answer!

Attention candidates: feel-good slogans for your speeches, mailers and brochures, guaranteed to elevate your profile and capture votes “I am a proven civic leader with a clear progressive vision, courage and independence to tackle the big problems so everyone can … Continue reading

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Only Nikkita Oliver and Bob Hasegawa measure up in race for Mayor

Carolee Colter and John Fox give their opinion on why it’s Oliver and Hasegawa in the race for Mayor, Jon Grant for Council Seat 8, and “anybody but Gonzalez” for Seat 9   Ballots are mailed out Wednesday for the … Continue reading

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