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Coalition of 29 neighborhood, housing, and environmental groups challenging the city’s “HALA-MHA upzone plan” to host an educational forum Saturday January 12th 10AM and you’re invited

Here’s what the Coalition writes about their event: Hold the date! Saturday January 12th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at the Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Ave S. Dear Concerned Neighbor, The Seattle City Council has an aggressive schedule to adopt the Mandatory … Continue reading

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CM Johnson inserts an upzone for the ‘Ave’ into the city-wide HALA-MHA plan ignoring council’s pledge to first adopt measures that protect small businesses

Historic older buildings with low income housing already are being advertised to developers as tear-downs in anticipation of the zoning change Councilmember Rob Johnson and city planners quietly buried the ‘Ave’ upzone into their 350-page HALA-MHA plan even though it … Continue reading

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Multi-family housing, race and class

By George Howland Jr, Contributing Writer During our latest growth boom, 2010-17, Seattle’s single-family neighborhoods have become slightly more racially diverse: 33 percent to 34 percent.The difference in racial diversity between multi-family neighborhoods and single-family neighborhoods is negligible: 34 percent … Continue reading

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SDC’s testimony refutes final MHA-EIS displacement analysis

We’ve posted for your reading pleasure here the testimony of David Bloom speaking on behalf of the Seattle Displacement Coalition before the City Hearing Examiner in June of this year refuting point by point the city’s attempt to dismiss the … Continue reading

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Record rates of new residential construction since 2012 continue to keep pace with rates of population and employment growth in Seattle

Yes there’s a problem but it’s not a supply problem? By John V. Fox and Carolee Colter, reprinted from Pacific Publishing newspapers We hear a common refrain from developers that we’re not adding enough new housing to keep pace with … Continue reading

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The Showbox victory demonstrates the value of good old fashioned people power: our take on what happened

While the City Council’s unanimous decision to add the Showbox to the Market Historic District was not permanent, the theater gets a 10-month reprieve and time to come up with a longterm fix – But what about dozens of existing low … Continue reading

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Triggers and Healing Trauma

An excerpt from her new book: “Nothing’s for Nothing” (Rose Hip Press)  by Rebekah Demirel, Contributing Writer The term “triggered” describes how something happening in the present moment can bring up emotions from a similar time in the past. Not just … Continue reading

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