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Even Raging Grannies Can’t Convince Council to Do the Right Thing in Downtown/South Lake Union Rezone

Guest Column by Susanna Lin It’s a disappointing day for Seattle when the City Council can’t raise the affordable housing requirements for Downtown/South Lake Union developers from 2 to 5%, when other cities with “Mandatory Incentive Zoning” programs set aside … Continue reading

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Councilmember Rob Johnson is misleading the public about upzones

Northeast Seattle’s city councilmember twists truth to support irresponsible policies by Alex Pedersen Do you recognize this bulldozer? It’s hard to tell because there are so many rumbling in Northeast Seattle these days. (It’s the one on NE 50th and … Continue reading

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Words repeated often enough can change the growth debate whether true or not

Many city leaders, the planners representing them, and pro-upzone, pro-developer interests have put communities on the defensive by reframing the debate and mischaracterizing those who stand in their way Needless to say, it’s a tried and true political technique.  Repeating … Continue reading

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First mayoral debate: Murray vs. Oliver

Before her candidacy for mayor of Seattle, Nikkita Oliver clashed with the incumbent over housing and police reform On March 22, 2016, Seattle Channel and KCTS 9 co-produced a forum, “Race, Justice & Democracy: Where Do We Stand?” presented in … Continue reading

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UDistrict upzone a lesson for other neighborhoods: Activists in Wallingford and Central Area know what to do

Juarez, Harrell, Bagshaw, and Gonzalez parrot Johnson’s pro-developer pro-density message and oppose efforts to minimize displacement reprinted from a column contained in Pacific Publishing Newspapers by Carolee Colter and John V. Fox Last month Seattle City Council unanimously approved covering … Continue reading

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Scapegoating the homeless: when concerns about crime tip towards exclusion and prejudice

Last year we wrote about the Neighborhood Safety Alliance, a group of largely white north-end homeowners formed for the single purpose of getting police to immediately remove the homeless, drug dealers and criminals from their neighborhoods. Despite the differences between … Continue reading

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Sightline gets it wrong again

In a recent Sightline piece, the writer tells us that the proportion of land in Seattle given exclusively to single family uses has steadily increased over nearly a century long evolution of the City’s zoning code.  We are supposed to … Continue reading

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