Outside City Hall is a column by John Fox and Carolee Colter of the Seattle Displacement Coalition that has been appearing in Pacific Publishing newspapers and elsewhere since 2004.  This blog includes recent columns, with links to old ones. 

We’ll also provide news from time to time, and the opinions of others on current city issues and events affecting our neighborhoods, such as low income housing, homelessness, and issues of racial and economic justice.  We’re especially focused on matters coming before our City Council that affect the distribution of wealth and resources in our communities.

About the Seattle Displacement Coalition

We are a 38-year housing and homeless advocacy and organizing project committed to building a movement around the preservation and expansion of affordable housing in our city, achieving racial and economic justice, and putting our neighborhoods first.

For more about the Seattle Displacement Coalition go to our website: http://www.zipcon.net/~jvf4119/