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In Praise of the ‘Ave’ reprinted from Aug 4th 2010 edition of Pacific Publishing Newspapers in Seattle (Carolee Colter and John V. Fox)

(Note: Carolee and I wrote the following piece back in 2010 but it seemed appropriate to run it again given current sweeping plans to upzone two-thirds of the UDistrict for highrises. The rest of the neighborhood also would not be … Continue reading

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City Council holds public hearing 5:30PM Nov 16th to take testimony on UDistrict Highrise Upzone Plan & U of W now seeking approval for highrises on campus

  You’ve probably read our earlier reports on plans to upzone most of the UDistrict neighborhood for highrises – adding amounts of both residential and commercial development at a scale that threatens the existing physical and social character of the … Continue reading

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University District small businesses today deliver joint letter to Mayor and city council: call for delay in upzone and city actions to prevent their displacement

The letter included here is signed by more than two dozen small businesses and will be forwarded to all councilmembers and presented today at meeting with Councilmember CM Rob Johnson.   The letter identifies a range of steps that must be taken to preserve … Continue reading

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The Mayor’s trip to the UDistrict and why I told told him he should be ashamed of himself

“Mayor’s newest version of UDistrict highrise plan also includes an upzone on ‘Ave’ north of 45th threatening more minority owned and first generation immigrant shops” Last Monday, Mayor Murray came to the UDistrict to announce his plan to cover the … Continue reading

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Press statement given out by groups opposing the Mayor’s highrise plan: “a blueprint for displacement, gentrification and the destruction of the UDistrict – We say NO! “

The U District Community Council, Livable UDistrict, Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness, Seattle Displacement Coalition, homeowners, tenants, low income people, small businesses, seniors, and the homeless OPPOSE THIS UPZONE. The Mayor has come to the UDistrict to sell his plan … Continue reading

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City’s newest UDistrict HiRise Upzone proposal unveiled Tues May 31st 6-8pm at Neptune Theater 1303 NE 45th St

City’s plan threatens 1500 affordable housing units and dozens of small businesses “You’re encouraged to attend and oppose this plan driven by large property owners and the U of W: a plan to turn the district into a hi-tech ‘incubator’ … Continue reading

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