Central Area residents to hold a “Not for Sale” Yard Sign Making Party and You’re Invited – Saturday 130pm-430pm!

Tired of frequent visits by realtors representing developers, residents of the historic Black community have come up with a novel approach to the problem


The CD: targeted for upzoning

We learned of this rather unique event residents of the Central Area are organizing for this Saturday afternoon and thought you might be interested in hearing about it or perhaps even joining them for the fun.

Tired of being harassed by realtors representing developers swooping in to take advantage of the recent upzoning and buy out their single family homes, long time lower income, older, and minority homeowners and even a few renters have decided to undertake one of the more novel approaches to the problem;  why not make it real clear to the profiteers up front and with ‘front yard’ signage that their homes and their community, the historic heart of the Black community, “ARE NOT FOR SALE”.  So this coming Saturday from 1:30pm- 430pm they’re hosting a yard sign making party with the aim of covering their neighborhood – maybe yours too – with colorful “Not For Sale” yard signs.  More details are provided below.

One of the organizers of this event is Ruby Holland who grew up in the Central Area.  Here’s a little bit more about Ruby as written and included on one of the announcements for this event.  I don’t think they’ll mind if I crib from it a bit here or at least I hope not:

Ruby Holland grew up in the Central Area and graduated from Garfield High School in 1968.  Life took her to Atlanta where she ran a successful photography business until she returned to Seattle and her beloved Central Area a few years ago.  When Ruby returned to Seattle and the CD she noticed a lot had changed.  Most noticeably there were way fewer black people in the CD than when she grew up here.  Ruby began talking to people and discovered that many of the black people who made the Central Area so vibrant in her youth had been forced out due to gentrification and skyrocketing property taxes.  Never one to sit by and watch Ruby decided to do something.  She’s been working tirelessly educating people about programs available to help them stay in their homes.  She’s created an online community to work on the issue with the goal of helping black people and others stay in their homes in the CD.  Developers have been aggressively targeting people including coming to their doors with completed purchase and sale agreements.  One of the ideas that the online community came up with was to have people put yard signs in their yards indicating that their home is NOT FOR SALE.  So there’s going to be a yard sign making party:

Let the Developers Know What You Think

“Not for Sale” Yard Sign Making Party

Saturday, May 4th

1:30 – 4:30pm

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (Basement)

22nd & E. Union

(enter off of the parking lot on 22nd)

There will be poster paint and a staple gun available to use

Bring your own sign making material and a stake

And anything else you’d like to share to help make signs

 Come meet community members and get creative!

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