Outside City Hall for 2nd year joins over 30 other TV, Radio, and Print news sites covering the region’s homeless crisis

Here are five stories from authors with years of direct experience working with the homeless and addressing homeless issues that often go overlooked 

Today, as we did last year, Outside City Hall is participating in a area-wide news media blitz on Seattle and region’s homeless crisis.  As many as 30 radio, TV, and print/blog outlets will contribute ‘original content’ stories.  Special thanks to Crosscut and Channel 9 for bringing this together.

What follows are our five original-content stories covering critical aspects of the homeless crisis.  The authors have decades of experience, but for them it’s not just writing or assuming the traditional service provider-client relationship.  It’s about offering their skills and understanding while hearing and learning and interacting as co-equals with these affected communities.  Paulo Friere describes this in his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”: 

  • Both educator and educand (Freire’s word for student in an attempt to convey a more equitable relationship) teach and learn from each other as partners..

We’ll let each story speak for itself.   Scroll down to see all five. (For our previous coverage on this topic, it can be found here, including those we wrote for last years media-blitz. And for today’s other stories completed at other outlets, go to Crosscut.com.)


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