Letter from Marilyn Wilkinson Cope responds to CM Johnson and reprinted verbatim with her permission (Thank you Marilyn!)

Councilmember Johnson,

I want to express my disappointment in your recent grotesquely hypocritical statement:

“It’s really disturbing for me when I hear somebody talking about how glad they were to see the neighborhood district council’s stand up for single-family zoning and then in the next breath disparage the president for wanting to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.  I see those two things as actually linked”

– City Council member Rob Johnson

You sir, have every power to open up the urban village boundaries in Ravenna to include your own street. But you have chosen not to do so. Using your logic, what does that say about you and your values? Your statement is pathetically hypocritical and obscene coming from a white man of immense privilege.  I have met with you in the past in an attempt to have a dialogue about urban growth and planning. I can clearly see it was a mistake on my part to assume you would be willing to listen as my democratically elected representative. I won’t forget the lesson learned. There is much to resist these days, and now I will also resist YOU.

My family of immigrants and refugees from Mexico, Peru and Lebanon would NEVER equate their struggle to find safety and stability to that of your proposed first world upzone as necessary to accommodate the rapid growth brought about by the obscene wealth of the tech industry, with only a pittance of affordable units added to address the displacement you refuse to track.  I will resist your false and grotesque narratives and analogies to simplify the very real struggles the people in our communities and our world face.

Sincerely and with utmost disgust from your constituent,

Marilyn Wilkinson Cope

About John V. Fox

Director, Seattle Displacement Coalition
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