Developers oppose CM Herbold’s Anti-Displacement Amendments: Coalition urges advocates to call/email councilmembers ASAP

CM Herbold’s Anti-Displacement Amendments under fire from developers – Coalition urges everyone to call/email councilmembers ASAP  (their emails are below)

Vote in committee Tues 930 AM Aug 2nd Seattle Council Chambers:    We need you there & you must call/email ASAP to support her amendments

CM Herbold seeks language attached to the Mayor’s Grand Bargain to stop the displacement it will cause – she needs your support 

Councilmember Herbold has proposed modest amendments to the Mayor’s proposed “Mandatory Affordable Housing Requirement” (MAH-R) to address displacement that will directly result from the Mayor’s HALA Grand Bargain Upzones.  Her amendments are facing stiff opposition from corporate, downtown, and developer interests.  These special interests have written and emailed Councilmembers (and their staff) making wild claims and citing bogus (and irrelevant studies) about the effects of her amendments and disputing that displacement even exists or that it would increase in the event our neighborhoods are upzoned as called for in the Mayor’s HALA Grand Bargain.  To see how common it now is for cities to take responsibility for assessing and responding to displacement check out this from our website:

CM Herbolds amendmends would establish the principle that developers would have to pay an additional fee or include additional low income units in their projects (over and above the Mayors very modest “mandatory requirement”) to help pay for any existing low income units in areas of high displacement risk and that are likely to be removed as a result of future HALA upzones.  During environmental review of any future upzones, the city’s consultants first would identify the number of existing units likely to be lost in the event of the upzone. Then if that area finally is upzoned, all developers there would have to pay an additional fee or added inclusionary requirement (“layered in”) to ensure replacement of those units.  This would be on top or ‘layered over” the Mayors very modest HALA Grand Bargain housing requirement.   Again it would kick in only after or in the event the upzones coming down the pike later are approved by the Council.

Please call or email council asap saying you support Herbolds amendments to framework policies for the Mandatory Affordable Housing Requirement (to be voted on in the Land Use Committee) this coming Tues Aug 2ndEvery year, between 2000-4000 households in Seattle are forced from their homes, DISPLACED, due to demolition, speculative sale, and increased rents.  That’s occurring right now under our existing zoning code – a code with capacity now for 223,000 additional units over 3 times the capacity we need to meet Seattle’s 2035 regionally assigned “Growth Target”.  We’re drowning in growth now and our city leaders are failing to adequately respond to or mitigate it – development at record levels gravely threatening the physical, social, and historic character of our communities (and not one unit of affordable housing has “trickled down” to the poor). The Mayor’s Grand Bargain – a deal cut only with developers not the community – to upzone every inch of our city – would massively accelerate development, displacement, and loss of our physical and social character. If you think there are lot a homeless now in our city, and lots (thousands in need of affordable housing) now …JUST WAIT – if these planned HALA upzones finally are approved. 

CM Herbold’s amendment simply establishes the principle that in the event of future upzones, the city will assess, identify units placed at risk, and then address that loss by requiring developers to share in the cost of replacing those units!  Housing and Homeless Advocates for 30 years (literally) have been trying to re-establish this principle in city law and since our city’s old “Housing Preservation Ordinance HPO ” was a part of city law.   Please call or email councilmembers if you care about tenant rights, preventing displacement, preserving affordable housing, and preserving the character of our communities.    (and check out our website for related stories at ” ”  or email us here or206.632.0668


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