Outside City Hall joins local news sites covering homelessness and how to overcome it


On June 29th, a number of news sites from around the region decided to focus on the issue of homelessness.  Here on Crosscut you can read more about it. Our blog, “Outside City Hall”, participated seeing it as an important opportunity to give readers a glimpse of critical aspects of the problem and to put a human face on the issue. For us, this also was a special opportunity to zero in on real (meaning doable) local solutions that immediately could make a difference.

In order of appearance top to bottom the following stories speak for themselves:  (click on ‘home’ above or go here for each story in order or follow along below)

  • “Kshama’s next big idea” by George Howland Jr
  • “A moment on the street with Roni: vehicle resident” by Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett
  • “Give me shelter: Rebekah Demirel shares her thoughts volunteering for the one night count”
  • “Mobile homes: an important hidden source of low cost housing in Seattle that must be saved” by Ishbel Dickens
  • “Solutions to homelessness: the problem is not intractable” by John V. Fox.  (And check out earlier stories on homelessness with links in the right column. )

A special photo essay from Rex Hohlbein follows those stories. More of his remarkable work can be found here “Facing Homelessness: building a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness“.  His photos also are in Bill and Rebekah’s stories.


About John V. Fox

Director, Seattle Displacement Coalition
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