Precedents and Elements of a Comprehensive Displacement Risk Assessment applied first to the UDistrict Upzone: “Nothing that’s not been done before”

Click link below for a comprehensive review of precedents, i.e, what other cities have done or are doing to address displacement including assessing and responding to it.  Following that is a draft of what a comprehensive displacement risk assessment would look like and would precede approval of future upzones especially those we are facing accompanying HALA and the UDistrict Upzone.  

While we believe it’s something the state SEPA law requires, regardless, its a policy the Council could adopt in very short order if it chose politically to do so… this is a policy question not a legal one.  Does the Council believe it’s important to undertake such an assessment and adopt measures if possible to mitigate or prevent displacement before proceeding with each geographically specific or city-wide upzone or code amendment and other nonproject action that would impact our existing low cost housing stock?  It’s simply good policy to do this.



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